Police Brutality at Occupy Protests

Recently I’ve been seeing tons of videos that show police officers being far to violent with crowds of occupy protesters. It’s disturbing to see a crowd gathered in peace suddenly be charged by police with people screaming and being knocked about. I saw one video where after tear gas was used, the crowd (still peaceful) started chanting “We’re still here”. Then one of the police officers shoots a man in the face with a shotgun shell of rubber bullets from no more than five feet away. This kind of police brutality cannot be accepted. The government needs to step in, but will they? And if so what will move them to action? 

EDIT: In response to grumpy jones I quickly just grabbed the first video on youtube that came up from “police brutality occupy”. WARNING: this content may be slightly disturbing to some people, it shows police beating protesters with nightsticks, just be aware of that before you start the video.


  1. anongreen answered: Honestly, the police brutatility is the government stepping in. In their eyes we are the enemy.
  2. shedoesntregret answered: the sad thing is that at this point in time we are realizing how bad Globalization truly is and it’s because it connected cops, gov’t & corps
  3. grumpyjones answered: Spread the video. Blood on their hands that everyone sees makes a big impact. We have to report these in justices to the People.
  4. messagesofsupport answered: The Police actions are the “government stepping in”. The government dosen’t want peaceful protests. They want riots. That is why they attack.
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