Learning how to Hack

You all probably remember this dreaded screen from the wikipedia blackout. Well someone showed me another way to get past similar blackouts in the future. If you didn’t read my post on how to open and edit HTML then you should go back and read that now. What you are going to do is open the page that has this sort of blackout or censoring where there is a page overtop of the page that you actually want to see and open the HTML. Then look at it and notice that the page is coded so that the material you want to see is still there but the blackout is blocking it. What you can do is simply delete the coding for the thing blocking the info and leave the part you want to see in tact. This may be a little confusing so if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask, I can answer the questions privately. If you want to learn more about hacking, politics, and internet censorship please follow.

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