Learning how to Hack

Today you are going to learn how to crash a website using a DoS attack. DoS stands for Denial of Service and works by pounding a website’s server with so much data that it crashes. The most famous program for this is called LOIC or Low Orbit Ion Cannon. There are several options in the menu for LOIC that I’ll go over with you. First is threads, that is how many users the program is simulating at once. If you put 1000 into the threads field then the program will simulate 1000 users signing onto the website at once. The other key fields are IP and URL, which is just the target address, and port which should always be set at 80. If you run Mac or Linux then you should try using Java LOIC. Some website servers are to strong to be taken down by a single person. In this situation multiple people can be arranged to attack the same website at once. Working together with enough people at once you can take down any website. To learn more about hacking, internet censorship, and politics, please follow this blog.

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