Socialism Vs. Freedom

Today I’d like to address my opinion on socialism. I don’t like it. That’s the plain and simple. Now let me elaborate. I don’t believe that the financial elite should have as much power as they do. But at the same time I believe that pure capitalism is the best form of economy. My proposed solution? Make laws that block large corporations from being able to lobby in the government. I believe this would disallow the corporations from gaining political influence and prevent them from becoming to powerful. Corporations should make money and governments should govern, but the two shouldn’t mix. I’m going to end this post with a question mark just so I can leave it open for discussion?

Regular Schedule

This blog will be moving into a regular schedule of one post a day every day at 5pm. Days that are odd numbered will be computer programming and hacking advice days, and days that are even numbered will be news and opinions day. To stay up to date on learning about HTML, java-script, SQL, hacking, and internet censorship, please follow this blog.

Quick Reference Guide

IP from URL for WINDOWS: ping [url]

IP from URL for LINUX or MAC OS: dig url

Contact your Local Repsresentatives

I strongly urge you to please contact your local representatives about the SOPA and PIPA laws. You should all contact both of your state senators and the representative of your congressional district. E-mail, call, or as I did, both. Tell them you are one of their constituents and that you demand that they vote against the SOPA and PIPA laws. Here is a great place to find the contact information: . Just enter your ZIP code and click on each Congressman to view contact forms, phone numbers, and even office addresses.

Getting past website Blackouts

In case you haven’t noticed the web has been flooded with anti censorship messages. Follow this page and you’ll learn how to get around these censored websites. In my last posted I showed you how to use your Cmd prompter to get the IPs of websites using their URLs in order to view them uncensored. I’m going to show an example today of how to do that one more time just to make sure you’re perfectly clear AND because it’s the perfect time because wikipedia’s blacked out for 24 hours. Let’s say we want to view the wikipedia article on democracy. We know the URL is “” but we don’t know the IP and the page is blocked or censored. We would go to our Cmd and input “ping []”. Remember that those are brackets NOT parenthesis. The next line in the Cmd prompter would be the website IP which we would copy and paste into the bar of our browser and we can view the entire page completely free of censorship.

IP addresses

An IP (Internet Protocol) address is a label assigned to every device on a network. The best way I’ve heard it described is that “A name indicates what we seek, and an address indicates where it is”. This was in the DARPA manual for IP specifications published in 1981. The name referred to in this example would be the URL or what you type into the bar at the top of your browser. Your computer then changes that URL into an equivalent IP to find the website you’re looking for. A lot of internet blocking techniques can be gotten around by skipping the middle man of the URL and typing the desired website IP directly into the bar in your browser. To find the IP of any website go to the Cmd prompter of whatever OS you may be running (which for me is xubuntu, in case you were wondering) and type in the command “ping [website URL]”. Of course when you enter the code don’t include the quotes, just everything inside of them.