Learning to Hack

I already talked with you about online anonymity once, if you didn’t read that you should check that out, but today I’m going to talk about it AGAIN because it’s a very important topic. So anything you do online can be traced back to your IP address, which can then be traced right back to your house and who you are, so if you want a little more privacy on the web you need to mask or change that IP. I already talked about tor so today I’ll talk about proxies. Proxies are servers that you access in between you and your desired web server. This makes your IP address appear to be that server. The easiest way to do this is to go to hidemyass.com and route yourself through their server. They also encrypt the connection for a little extra privacy. There are even better ways to do this but those will wait for another day. If you want to learn more about hacking, internet censorship, and politics then please follow this blog.

Learning how to Hack

Today you are going to learn how to crash a website using a DoS attack. DoS stands for Denial of Service and works by pounding a website’s server with so much data that it crashes. The most famous program for this is called LOIC or Low Orbit Ion Cannon. There are several options in the menu for LOIC that I’ll go over with you. First is threads, that is how many users the program is simulating at once. If you put 1000 into the threads field then the program will simulate 1000 users signing onto the website at once. The other key fields are IP and URL, which is just the target address, and port which should always be set at 80. If you run Mac or Linux then you should try using Java LOIC. Some website servers are to strong to be taken down by a single person. In this situation multiple people can be arranged to attack the same website at once. Working together with enough people at once you can take down any website. To learn more about hacking, internet censorship, and politics, please follow this blog.

Kill your TV

There is a campaign going on right now telling people to lay off on the TV a little bit, the homepage for this campaign says the purpose is to influence people to get up and active. I agree with this campaign but for a different reason. Over %90 of the world media is owned by 6 companies referred to as the big 6. These companies are GE, Walt Disney, News Corp, TimeWarner, Viacom, and CBS. In 2009 these companies combined for  an income of over 275.9 BILLION DOLLARS. The largest of these companies, General Electric,  had an income of 157 billion dollars. This means that if it were a country it would have a high enough GDP to be in the G-20 summit. We need to kill our TVs world. To learn more about politics, internet censorship, and hacking, please follow this blog.

Learning how to Hack

This will be the second part in my series about hardware and today I’m going to talk a little bit about power supplies. Power supplies plug into the wall and are kinda like a little substation by turning the power from the wall into a whole lot more power. And if you plan on having a powerful computer, or heavy overclocking, then you better have a good power supply. Only one number really matters when it comes to power supplies, and that’s watts. I suggest getting a power supply with at least 750 watts when building your computer. Also check the reviews online, as long as it doesn’t have any reported overheating problems you’ll be fine. If you want to learn more about hacking, internet censorship, and politics, please follow this blog.

Learning how to Hack

You all probably remember this dreaded screen from the wikipedia blackout. Well someone showed me another way to get past similar blackouts in the future. If you didn’t read my post on how to open and edit HTML then you should go back and read that now. What you are going to do is open the page that has this sort of blackout or censoring where there is a page overtop of the page that you actually want to see and open the HTML. Then look at it and notice that the page is coded so that the material you want to see is still there but the blackout is blocking it. What you can do is simply delete the coding for the thing blocking the info and leave the part you want to see in tact. This may be a little confusing so if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask, I can answer the questions privately. If you want to learn more about hacking, politics, and internet censorship please follow.

Learning to Hack

Today I’m going to talk about how to be anonymous on the web. If you install this program onto your computer it redirects you through several other IPs in order to mask who you really are. 


This program also gives you the ability to help people in countries like Iran where the internet is censored. By going to the “Setup Relaying” tab and choosing “Relay traffic for the Tor Network” you’re acting as a bridge to the uncensored internet for someone in an oppressed country. More info on that Here:


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Let’s Talk About the Future

On Saturday I talked about REX 84. Well the lasting effect of that was today we have dozens of concentration camps designed to hold US citizens. They’re run by FEMA and intended for use in marshal law. This isn’t the first time though, as on Saturday I showed how during WW2 similar camps were used to hold Japanese Americans. The picture above shows coffins that are also owned by FEMA. There are sights all over the country with these coffins stacked 15 high covering approximately 1100 acres. Something strange is being planned, I have no idea what it is, and it scares me. We need more government transparency, otherwise we’ll end up in a police state. If you want to learn more about politics, internet censorship, and hacking, please follow this blog.

Learning to Hack

For the next few days I want to talk about hardware. Today I’ll start with probably the first thing you need to build a computer, a Mother Board (MOBO for short). When buying a MOBO the first of several things you should take into consideration is the number of RAM slot. I would go for at least 4 slots for RAM cards. Next you should consider how many expansion slots there are for things like graphics card. There are several types of expansion slots including PCI, PCI express 1, and PCI express 2. I would have at least one of each of these. Lastly you should already have in mind the CPU you want to use because CPUs use a variety of different sockets in the motherboard so plan ahead. If you want to learn more about hacking, politics, and internet censorship please follow this blog.

Let’s Talk About History

Let’s talk a little but about rough times in American history, then on Monday I’ll connect what I’m saying today to how it connects to us now. First, let’s talk about internment camps. During World War 2 immediately after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor all Japanese Americans were told to report to internment camps. These camps were essentially concentration camps without the killing furnaces. The conditions were poor and illness was common. These were destroyed after the war and all the people held within were released. The other thing I wanted to talk about was called REX 84. REX 84 stands for Readiness Exercise of 1984. This was a National Guard drill that simulated an event where similar forms of internment camps would be set up on short notice all across the country to hold US citizens. These may seem like 2 random points but I’ll connect them to what’s going on now on Monday. If you want to learn more about politics, internet censorship, and hacking, please follow this blog.

Learning to Hack

This is a continuation of Wednesday’s tutorial so if you haven’t read that yet I advise you to. So let’s say you’ve found the page where the admin password is asked for. You COULD use a cracker that I talked about previously to find the password, but that could take years. So the alternative (if the site runs SQL, which is highly likely) is to type in the code ” ’ or 1=1 “. It’s hard to see so I’ll put it into words for you ” apostrophe space or space one equals one”. The or doesn’t mean it’s two codes to try, it’s part of the code so throw it right in there with the rest of it. Put that code into the password field and (if there is one) the username field and submit it. This will give you administrative access to the site. Keep in mind this method only works on independently owned websites that have one account associated with them, unlike tumblr that has hundreds of accounts saved on it. To learn more about hacking, politics, and internet censorship, please follow this blog.