Learning how to Hack

Today you are going to learn how to crash a website using a DoS attack. DoS stands for Denial of Service and works by pounding a website’s server with so much data that it crashes. The most famous program for this is called LOIC or Low Orbit Ion Cannon. There are several options in the menu for LOIC that I’ll go over with you. First is threads, that is how many users the program is simulating at once. If you put 1000 into the threads field then the program will simulate 1000 users signing onto the website at once. The other key fields are IP and URL, which is just the target address, and port which should always be set at 80. If you run Mac or Linux then you should try using Java LOIC. Some website servers are to strong to be taken down by a single person. In this situation multiple people can be arranged to attack the same website at once. Working together with enough people at once you can take down any website. To learn more about hacking, internet censorship, and politics, please follow this blog.

Kill your TV

There is a campaign going on right now telling people to lay off on the TV a little bit, the homepage for this campaign says the purpose is to influence people to get up and active. I agree with this campaign but for a different reason. Over %90 of the world media is owned by 6 companies referred to as the big 6. These companies are GE, Walt Disney, News Corp, TimeWarner, Viacom, and CBS. In 2009 these companies combined for  an income of over 275.9 BILLION DOLLARS. The largest of these companies, General Electric,  had an income of 157 billion dollars. This means that if it were a country it would have a high enough GDP to be in the G-20 summit. We need to kill our TVs world. To learn more about politics, internet censorship, and hacking, please follow this blog.

Operation Black March

Learning to Hack

For the next few days I want to talk about hardware. Today I’ll start with probably the first thing you need to build a computer, a Mother Board (MOBO for short). When buying a MOBO the first of several things you should take into consideration is the number of RAM slot. I would go for at least 4 slots for RAM cards. Next you should consider how many expansion slots there are for things like graphics card. There are several types of expansion slots including PCI, PCI express 1, and PCI express 2. I would have at least one of each of these. Lastly you should already have in mind the CPU you want to use because CPUs use a variety of different sockets in the motherboard so plan ahead. If you want to learn more about hacking, politics, and internet censorship please follow this blog.

Learning to Hack

Today I’m going to go over password cracks because someone recently asked a question about it. There are really two types of password crackers and those are brute force and dictionary. A dictionary cracker uses a huge library of known terms and punches them into the password field to see if any of them work. This normally only takes a few seconds because of how fast computers work but it could take up to a few minutes. The other type, called a brute force cracker uses every possible combination of letters, number, and symbols until it finds the password. This means that depending on the strength of the password it could take anywhere from a few seconds to years for it to find the correct password. This makes this form of cracker virtually useless. The other thing you could do is use a reverse lookup which is something that finds the password based on scrounging through directory files and entering phrases it finds there. If you want to learn more about hacking, politics, and internet censorship please follow this blog.